Heute war es mal wieder soweit und wir haben unserer Homepage Link-From.DE ein Update unterzogen. Und zwar auf die neue Version 3.3.0
Hier mal ein Auszug aus den Changelog:

New Features
Feature #543: Not full working of ‘Open external links in new window’ config
Feature #551: Improve search filters

Bug #352: Re-build cache system
Bug #442: The default value of language selector on login page to Admin Panel
Bug #446: Prevent CSRF for HTTPS
Bug #492: Restore fonts to default in default template
Bug #493: Frontend Edit Listing page bug
Bug #508: Add nofollow to external links option doesn’t work
Bug #510: No account username on top, new, popular listing pages
Bug #512: Emails are not sent during listings move from one category to another
Bug #514: Incorrect working of Check Consistency features
Bug #519: Visual Mode doesn’t work
Bug #520: Remove hardcoded lines on purchase page
Bug #521: ‘Lowercase case URLs’ config doesn’t work
Bug #524: Get remote plugins is not working
Bug #528: There is no pagination on Listings List page if I have Premium Business plugin installed
Bug #530: Incorrect working of Meta Keywords filling for Listings during Listing Submission from FrontEnd page
Bug #535: Incorrect category blocking
Bug #536: Incorrect calculation of plan total price
Bug #539: Admin notices on front end
Bug #540: There is no email sent if user clicks on Report Listing is broken
Bug #544: Getting error when trying to edit listing in Admin Panel during Duplicate Listing Checking is ON
Bug #545: Category is not shown as a Menu item
Bug #546: Check Consistency delete orphan bug
Bug #548: Edit Listing page Image gallery issue
Bug #549: Incorrect working of Compare Languages feature
Bug #552: There is no any working free Thumbnail generator plugin
Bug #558: Incorrect working of Listing Field Group edit action

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