DJI – Phantom 3 Professional – Firmware Update – V1.1.9

DJI - Phantom 3 Professional - Firmware Update - V1.1.9

A new firmware update (V1.1.9) is now available for Phantom 3. Please visit to download and update your Phantom 3.

– All-in-One Firmware version updated to:v1.1.9

Major Updates
– Fixed issue of some aircraft unable to determine their altitudes.
– Fixed issue of the DJI Pilot app unable to obtain and display battery error history.
– Fixed issue of the compass calibration progress not being displayed properly.

– Users are advised to update the firmware version to v1.1.9, otherwise future firmware will not be able to install.
– Users may skip updating the remote controller if they have already updated the firmware to v1.1.8, as the latest firmware update does not affect the remote controller.

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