DJI – Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 – Firmware Update – V3.12

DJI - Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 - Firmware Update - V3.12

Phantom 2 Vision+ Main Controller Firmware v3.12

– Flight controller firmware has been updated to v3.12.

Major New Features
– No-Fly Zones have been updated to include a 25km radius centered in Washington, DC.
– The compass calibration program has been optimized to improve reliability.
– When automatic landing is initiated, users can now continue to control the aircraft’s position and altitude. During this process, the maximum speed of ascent is 1 m/s.
– After an automatic landing has been completed and the motors have stopped spinning, users can immediately restart the motors and begin a new flight.

Special Note
– It is recommended that the compass be calibrated in an environment that is free from sources of potential interference. If you become aware of any source of potential interference, move to a different location and calibrate the compass again. Be aware that underground metal pipes may cause interference when the aircraft is close to the ground during compass calibration.

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